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Springdale, Utah

Abstract Expressionist, Contemporary Landscapes and Modern Art Figurative Horse Paintings by Artist, Ann Shogren. Fine Art Contemporary, Original Paintings and limited edition, archival prints for Sale.





Artist Statement:

Ann Shogren is an Artist with a unique vision of how art can capture and hold the energy of its subject. Her art has inspired people from a young age, as she started selling her art when she was only 8 years old. Over time, Ann Shogren’s work has progressed through many phases but has continued to inspire collectors. Shogren’s art is a part of hundreds of private and corporate collections around the world.

Born in Marshalltown, Iowa, USA, Ann Shogren received her formal education in art from the University of Iowa and did graduate work at the University of Portland, receiving an MBA in Marketing and an MBA in Management. She currently works from a studio adjacent to the beautiful Zion National Park.

Shogren’s artwork has been exhibited extensively throughout the years. Recently, Ann has work has been shown in gallery and in digital exhibitions in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Santiago, Chile, Basel, Switzerland, Miami and New York City. 

People who view Ann Shogren’s work often resonate with the colors and light that seem to emanate from the art. Capturing the energy and light of the subject, that is the goal of the Artist. 

“My work seems to be on a very fast evolution & my subjects, medium and even my style seem to adapt to what I am seeing in a particular place. The one constant in my work, since the beginning, is this quest to capture & hold the energy for other people to experience in their own way. Positive, happy energy & interesting light is what I am drawn to.”

This makes for an ongoing collection of energetic pieces that enliven spaces and uplift moods.

In her landscapes, abstracts, and other works, Ann’s use of color and how one color harmonizes with the next color, effects the whole feeling of the piece. She chooses harmonious colors or more variation in tone and contrast depending on the subject. Sometimes as Shogren is creating, she feels she is too successful at adding energy to the piece and it can feel too strong; when this happens, she uses more color and texture to tone the art to the level she wants. Shogren’s goal is for the energy of the art piece to fill the space around the art, while still leaving room for the viewer to feel that they can experience the art and what it has to say themselves.

Shogren works on wood panels, canvas, & paper. She often collages unique paper sketches or pages into her pieces. She always has a plan for her art when she starts a piece but tries to stay open to letting the art itself “tell her” what it needs next and she says

“As long as I pay attention, my art definitely tells me the instant the statement is made. I have learned not to make one more brushstroke beyond the point a painting tells me it is complete. I think that sensing when a painting is finished is the key to making interesting, fresh art.”

Known for experimentation in her art practice, she continually develops new techniques that involve creating new tools, paint mixtures and systems to make the best interpretation of her artistic vision.

SEE.ME Art Exhibition in New York , Featured Artist

International Art Exhibition, Trece Galleria de Arte Featured Artist / Santiago, Chile


Artist CV:

Selected Collections:

Jess Jackson Collection

Barbara Banke Collection

Alexander Mountain Estates

Stonestreet Winery

Tenba Ridge Winery Collection

Arrowood Winery VIP House

Freemark Abbey Winery

Many Private & Corporate Collections Around the World

 The LOUVRE, Paris, France, July 2015: Ann Shogren was a Featured Artist in the SEE.ME Exhibition at the Louvre

The LOUVRE, Paris, France, July 2015: Ann Shogren was a Featured Artist in the SEE.ME Exhibition at the Louvre


Selected Exhibitions:

The LOUVRE, Paris, France, July 2015 | Featured Artist in the SEE.ME Exhibition

Featured Artist, Worthington Gallery | Springdale, Utah ( at Zion National Park) Summer 2015

Winner, Oil/Acrylic Painting, CCC Gallery | 2014 Annual Juried Exhibition, Southern Utah, September 2014

Venice Biennial 2013, GZArtVenice | Venice, Italy | Invited to Exhibit as a Featured Artist

Silver Award Winner, GZ Basel Art Fair | Basel, Switzerland, June 2013

Featured Artist, Santiago Art Exposition, Trece Gallerie | Santiago, Chile, January 2013

Featured Artist, Jeanette Williams Fine Art | Santa Fe, New Mexico 2012

Group Exhibition, Spring Awakenings, Art Curated Gallery | Santa Fe, New Mexico 

April 2011 Solo Exhibition, Landscapes of Design, Art Curated Gallery | Santa Fe, New Mexico

January 2011 Solo Exhibition, Art Curated Gallery | Santa Fe, New Mexico, November 2010

Group Exhibition, Jeanette Williams Fine Art | Santa Fe, New Mexico

September, 2010 Group Exhibition, Jeanette Williams Fine Art | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Solo Exhibition, Stonestreet Winery | Healdsburg, California 2010

VIP Estate Collection, Arrowood Winery | Glen Ellen, California 2009 

 Group Exhibition, Spring Awakenings, ArtCurated Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Group Exhibition, Spring Awakenings, ArtCurated Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico